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Flexible, self-healing material to protect steel from corrosion

The anticorrosive coating for steel was made with flexible devices in mind.

The Boring Company gets approval to expand tunnel network in Las Vegas

The system that was approved involves 29 miles of tunnels and 51 stations.

Engineers develop tiny surfing robot inspired by water-skimming insects

The robot can find use in applications such as wildlife observation or environmental monitoring.

Microsoft, NVIDIA introduce world’s largest and most powerful generative language model

Microsoft and NVIDIA partner to further parallelize and optimize the training of very large AI models.

Amazon’s Zoox to start testing its autonomous vehicles in Seattle

The Seattle area offers a host of new ways to test Zoox's autonomous vehicles in all kinds of conditions.

AIR ONE – a sporty, two-seater eVTOL that you can park in your garage

AIR ONE is a sporty, easy-to-operate eVTOL aircraft designed for individual consumer ownership.

Plant-based jet fuel could reduce carbon emissions by nearly 70%

New plant-based aviation fuel could significantly reduce the environmental impact of flying.

Ant-inspired four-legged swarm robots traverse complex terrain

The robots can maneuver in challenging environments and accomplish difficult tasks collectively.

Perfect pressure could improve the performance of lithium metal batteries

Use of proper stack pressure during the operation can help boost the performance of lithium metal batteries.

U.S. DOE awards $20M to produce clean hydrogen energy from nuclear power

Arizona project will advance DOE's Hydrogen Shot of $1 per 1 kilogram of clean hydrogen in one decade.

Radiant is developing low-cost, portable nuclear microreactors

This microreactor will provide clean energy alternative to fossil fuels for military and commercial applications.

Exosonic to develop quiet supersonic UAV to help train future USAF pilots

This vehicle will demonstrate technologies directly relevant to Exosonic's quiet supersonic airliner.