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WMC unveils new electric hybrid scooter designed for first responders

It will help reduce CO2 footprint and running costs for emergency service fleets.

EHang 216 air taxi completes sightseeing test flights in Bali

The company is on track to obtain a type certificate for EHang 216 air taxi in the next few months.

New cost-efficient semisolid flow battery for wind, solar energy storage

An energy-storage solution that flows like soft-serve ice cream.

United Airlines flies first passenger flight on 100% sustainable aviation fuel

A Boeing 737 MAX 8 with 100% sustainable aviation fuel flew between Chicago and Washington.

QinetiQ, AM General develop hybrid-electric version of its HUMVEE vehicle

QinetiQ, AM General to accelerate the development of electrification technologies for military vehicles.

Ameca humanoid robot has ultra-realistic human face expressions

It is designed as a platform for AI and human-robot interaction (HRI).

Rocket Lab reveals new details of its powerful Neutron launch vehicle

Neutron will be the world’s first carbon composite large launch vehicle.

New particle accelerator magnet achieves record ramping speed

Fermilab has demonstrated the world's fastest magnetic ramping rates for particle accelerator magnets.

Researchers create time crystals with Google’s quantum computer

Researchers created and observed a new phase of matter, popularly known as the time crystal.

Nissan and JAXA test lunar rover prototype with all-wheel control system

Nissan has been working with JAXA on driving controllability of the rovers since January 2020.

Volocopter, NEOM to create world’s first public vertical mobility system

Volocopter to create the world's first bespoke public eVTOL mobility system in the futuristic region of NEOM.

Lexus unveils ROV Concept, a hydrogen-powered off-road buggy

The ROV offers a luxury lifestyle experience to drivers wishing to discover the wilderness in style.