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Smart necklace could track your full facial expressions

The device could be particularly useful in the mental health realm for tracking people's emotions.

World’s first solar-powered project to extract drinking water from thin air

New technology will extract clean water from air in commercial volumes and operate 24/7 using clean energy.

NASA’s X-59′ quiet’ supersonic jet gets closer to flight

The aircraft will break sound barrier with a 'sonic thump' rather than a boom when it takes flight in 2022.

DHL Express orders first-ever all-electric Alice eCargo planes from Eviation

Twelve zero-emission eCargo aircraft will form the world's first electric Express network.

New CO2 battery promises to store energy in a safe and cost-effective way

These batteries will store energy at less than half the cost of lithium big batteries.

Maana Electric’s TerraBox turns sand and electricity into solar panels

The technology could revolutionize the way solar panels are produced on Earth and in space.

teTra Aviation unveils Mk-5 personal eVTOL aircraft with 100 miles range

The aircraft allows just one traveler to fly up to 100 miles safely, silently, and without emission.

Air Methods, Wingcopter partners on Spright drone health delivery system

Strategic partnership to provide new options for on-demand delivery and access to life-saving resources.

Former SpaceX engineers are building a commercial electric speedboat

The speedboat can reach 40 miles per hour and run for 5 hours per charge.

New cost-effective material converts waste heat into useful electricity

New high-performing thermoelectric material in a practical form can be used in device development.

First successful live-fire test of U.S. Navy’s Long-Range Anti-Radiation Missile

The AARGM-ER was launched from a F/A-18 Super Hornet and met all planned test objectives.

Bell unveils advanced HSVTOL design concepts for military application

The aim is to explore the future capabilities of next-generation military vertical lift aircraft.