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Virgin Hyperloop to unveil its full-scale commercial pods at Expo 2020 Dubai

Full-scale cargo exterior, cutaway passenger interior, and interactive content will be on display.

Rolls-Royce will build new engines for the USAF’s B-52 bomber fleet

Rolls-Royce F-130 engine will power the B-52 Stratofortress nuclear heavy bomber for the next 30 years.

New platform lets everyone build battery-free electronic devices

These DIY electronic devices run with intermittent, harvested energy, giving them an infinite lifetime.

UK awards contracts to develop laser and radio frequency weapons

The advanced laser and radio frequency demonstrators will be field-tested on land and sea.

SunDrive creates sustainable, cheap solar cells with world-record efficiency

UNSW Engineering graduates swap silver for copper to set a world record for efficiency in silicon solar cells.

GM unveils three all-new electric motors to power its Ultium-based EVs

The new electric motors will provide the 2022 GMC Hummer EV With 1,000 HP.

China’s gigantic twin-engine, long-endurance armed UAV emerges

The CH-6 unmanned system is designed for intelligence gathering, support, and strike roles.

New all-solid-state battery is safe, long-lasting, and energy-dense

Engineers create a high-performance all-solid-state battery with a pure-silicon anode.

Paragon to test its liquid hydrogen-fueled Soar eVTOL with 800 miles range

Soar's powertrain uses direct combustion of liquid hydrogen as a range extender.

Piaggio Gitamini, a cargo-carrying robot that follows its owner everywhere

Gitamini has a top speed of 6 mph and can carry up to 9 kg of gear in its lidded cargo compartment.

New sensor lets autonomous robots know when floors are clean

New sensor for autonomous cleaning robots can quantify the cleanliness of a given area.

U.S. Army EOD Soldiers field test the Skyraider unmanned aerial system

The UAS can mostly be used for reconnaissance of terrain and to identify possible explosive hazards.