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Uready E-Trike, a standup tricycle that feels like riding a Jet Ski

It is a means of transport that doesn't just take you from A to B. It's fun!

Regent’s flying electric Seaglider ferry could revolutionize coastal transportation

Electric, passenger-carrying, wing-in-ground-effect crafts for fast, safe, and low-cost coastal transportation.

Pepper the humanoid robot can now ‘think out loud’ to increase user trust

Hearing a robot voice its decision-making process increases the transparency between humans and robots.

ANYbotics launches a new end-to-end robotic inspection solution

The robot can prevent inspectors from having to work in dangerous environments or hard-to-reach corners.

BAE to deliver Beowulf arctic all-terrain vehicle prototypes to US Army

The vehicle is capable of moving personnel and cargo under the most remote and harshest conditions.

DJI Air 2S folding quadcopter with new 1-inch sensor shoots 5.4K video

It might just be the best drone for lovers of the great outdoors and beautiful images.

Cheetah-inspired tails could help create more agile robots

Engineers took inspiration from natural design to help robots to move more easily through natural terrain.

VanMoof’s PowerBank gives you up to 100 km extra range on your rides

It can also charge the internal battery of the company’s S3 and X3 models.

Sikorsky S-97 RAIDER helicopter demonstrates its agility for the US Army

The demonstration highlighted both low-level helicopter maneuverability and the high-speed capability.

Wearable biofuel cells that produce electricity from wearer’s sweat

New biofuel cells that can power wearable electronics purely by using human sweat.

Meet ASKA, a four-seat street-legal eVTOL drive and fly vehicle

It is a new door-to-door mobility option offering the freedom to choose to travel on the road or in the air.

Foodora’s 5G delivery droid Doora to begin making food deliveries in Stockholm

Doora is entering a second test phase of testing self-driving food deliveries in central Stockholm.