Saturday, June 3, 2023


Senator MRAP armored vehicle built for protection against explosives and ambushes

The vehicle provides unique levels of protection, mobility, and versatility.

PowerX unveils the world’s first Battery Tanker’ X’

Battery Tankers will establish the new power transmission networks across the sea.

Natilus and ZeroAvia to develop hydrogen-electric blended-wing body aircraft

Natilus Kona, to be powered by ZeroAvia ZA600 Hydrogen-Electric Engine for zero-emission propulsion.

Tamiya to release full-size version of popular retro RC car

Off-roading with this vehicle will be very convenient.

Archer rolls out first Midnight aircraft

Midnight is a pilot plus four passengers eVTOL aircraft for urban air mobility networks.

Meet Valo Hyperfoil, the world’s first electric hydrofoil jet-ski

A Hyperfoil is an electric hydro foiling vehicle with wings for flying over water.

VanMoof S4 and X4, practically unstealable e-bikes

Smart features and anti-theft technology make these bikes practically unstealable.

LEVC launches new SOA platform for e-mobility solutions

The platform advances range, performance, safety, charging time, durability, and connectivity.

Meet RDSX Pelican, a fixed-wing and multirotor hybrid VTOL drone

The hybrid fixed-wing and multirotor VTOL drone designed for long-distance commercial drone deliveries.

MK_1 electric pick-up truck designed to operate in heavy-duty environments

Electric pick-up truck designed to work in heavy-duty environments enabling to decarbonize and improve air quality

IRIS eTrike claims to be the world’s fastest street-legal e-bike

The fastest street-legal electrically assisted pedal cycle in the world.

Alaska Airlines joins forces with ZeroAvia to develop the world’s largest zero-emission aircraft

ZeroAvia unveils the world's most advanced hydrogen-electric motor technology for aviation.

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