Monday, May 29, 2023


Sustainable aviation fuel from carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight

Isoprene is ideally suited for photochemical processing into aviation fuels.

Researchers develop a new way to make highly conductive gel films

Milk-skin reaction inspired the development of multifunctional gel membranes that are easy to separate.

Novel salt-based method for cheap, efficient CO2 capture and storage

The breakthrough could have a significant impact on the fight against climate change.

New nontoxic powder uses sunlight to disinfect water in just 60 seconds

A low-cost, recyclable powder can kill thousands of waterborne bacteria per second when exposed to sunlight.

Self-healing lens material can prevent traffic accidents in self-driving cars

The new material heals scratches on the sensor of an autonomous vehicle.

Edible CBD coating helps preserve fruit for much longer

The coating could promote antimicrobial activity and extend the freshness of strawberries.

New discovery unlocks thermal energy storage optimization

This breakthrough is expected to dramatically simplify the design process of composite phase change materials.

Reusable sponge removes toxic heavy metals from contaminated water

This sponge can capture and recover critical metals and heavy-metal pollutants.

Researchers develop the world’s first wood transistor

It paves the way for further development of wood-based electronics and control of electronic plants.

This stronger paper bag can be reused repeatedly, then recycled for biofuel

This makes plastic bags a more viable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

High-efficiency stretchable light-emitting material for flexible screens

An entirely new display technology!

New technology improves manufacture, recyclability of solar cells

It also saves considerable time and energy and has other advantages.

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