Sunday, February 5, 2023


RoboSalps underwater robots could explore extra-terrestrial oceans

The robots have been engineered to operate in unknown and extreme environments.

KAIST’s robodog RaiBo learns to walk robustly on sandy beach

Engineers taught robot dogs to walk robustly with agility even in deformable terrain such as sandy beaches.

ESA’s robotic arm will help return martian samples back to Earth

A helping hand for Mars!

New click beetle-sized robots jump using elastic energy

These miniature robots are fast enough to match an insect's rapid escape time.

New model to turn robots into skilled waiters

New robots can serve tea and coffee faster and more safely than humans - with no sloshing.

Bipedal robot Atlas learns perception, object manipulation, sick flips

It's time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills.

New flying device collects environmental DNA from trees

This opens up a new dimension for scientists previously reserved for biodiversity researchers.

Microelectronics give researchers a remote control for biological robots

Remotely controlled miniature biological robots have many potential applications in medicine and more.

New wheeled robot can smell using a biological sensor

Biological sensor sensitivity to smell is 10,000 times higher than that of existing electronic devices.

Featured robotic wing can achieve flapping like a bird

Researchers constructed a robotic wing that can achieve just that - flapping like a bird and beyond.

Robotic ants can collectively pull-off a prison escape without a plan

A swarm of relatively simple robots that can work collectively to perform complex tasks.

Flapping-wing robot that can land autonomously like a bird

The innovation could significantly expand the scope of robot-assisted tasks.

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