MIT’s RoboWig can help people with disabilities untangle their hair

Personal care robots that brush hair could provide substantial help and relief.

Autonomous street sweeper Trombia Free cleans up city streets in Helsinki

Trombia Free is the world's first full power, electric and autonomous street sweeper.

Future flapping-wing drones likely to resemble dragonfly

A dragonfly-inspired drone might match the insect's extraordinary skills in hovering, cruising, and aerobatics.

An autonomous fruit-picking robot can harvest apples at high speed

This system seeks to address labour shortages due to COVID-19 and an increased demand for fresh produce.

Wingcopter 198 drone can deliver three packages to multiple locations in one flight

One pilot in command can control and monitor up to 10 drones simultaneously from a remote location.

Autonomous Weeder uses high-power lasers to eliminate 100,000 weeds per hour

Robots eliminate weeds with lasers to solve one of the farming industries’ biggest challenges.

An AI-powered ankle exoskeleton that helps users walk 40% faster

Engineers hope someday an optimized ankle exoskeleton will help restore walking speed in older adults.

Disney develops free-walking robot Groot for its theme parks

The robotic actor could one day interact with Disney theme parks guests, making them believe in Groot.

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