SN-3 Nova robot concept designed for dangerous maintenance tasks

It can perform inspection and repair tasks in places where it is too dangerous for humans to venture.

CMU’s submersible snake-like robot can inspect ships, infrastructure

The ARM Institute's HURMS device can have both civilian and military research applications.

A bipedal robot Cassie learns to walk on its own

The robot learned a range of movements from scratch, including walking in a crouch, carrying an unexpected load.

Pipistrel to develop heavy cargo hybrid VTOL drone for SF Express

It partners with Amazilia Aerospace to accelerate the development of commercial large-scale UAV operations.

SuitX’s Iron Man-like exoskeleton prevents injuries in heavy lifting jobs

Exoskeletons give the wearer more power, endurance and make you tireless.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog has been taught to pee beer

YouTuber Michael Reeves taught the robot how to "piss beer" on command.

Engineers develop AlphaDog, the fastest robodog on the market

The robotic dog looks similar to the Boston Dynamics Spot but costs way less.

The French army tests Boston Dynamics’ Spot robots in combat scenarios

It was one of several robots tested by the French army during training sessions at a military school.

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