Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Hong Kong students built the world’s smallest humanoid robot

In 2022, Zain Ahmad Qureshi from Pakistan built a robot that was believed to be the smallest robot ever. Now, that record has been...

Chatty robot guide dogs help the visually impaired find their way

Paw-sitive reception for robot guide dogs could lead to new assistive technologies.

Autonomous underwater robot to tackle biofouling in maritime vessels

The robot will help reduce costs and environmental impact for ships.

CERN’s robodog to explore cluttered and hazardous environments

CERNquadbot completed its first successful radiation protection test.

RIC Technology launches revolutionary robotic arm printer for 3D construction

The Newest Model Live Printed A Structural Wall Segment at World of Concrete 2024

QYSEA unveils AI Diver Tracking for its underwater robots

This sets a new standard in intelligent safety for underwater professionals and enthusiasts.

Robot Avocado swings its way to unexplored treetops

The robot can collect data for researchers about this hard-to-reach habitat.

Mini LineFly robot protects birds from overhead power lines

The automated system reduces bird collisions with unseen overhead power lines.

These insect-like robots are smallest, lightest, fastest ever created

The smallest, lightest, and fastest fully functional micro-robots ever known to be created.

Figure and BMW to bring general-purpose robots into automotive production

Figure's robots will enable companies to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Samsung’s Ballie home companion robot actually seems helpful

The smart robot helps users intelligently navigate their lives.

Elon Musk shares video of Tesla Optimus humanoid folding a shirt

The robot pulls a t-shirt out of a basket and neatly folds it.

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