Tuesday, May 21, 2024


Sony’s microsurgery assistance robot stitches a corn kernel

Sony is advancing research and development of surgical assistance robot technology.

Unitree debuts $16k G1 Humanoid agent AI avatar 

Robotics technology accelerated by AI is upgrading and evolving every day.

Robust dexterous robot hand designed for AI research

Introducing the most robust dexterous robot hand on the market.

W1 quadruped robot can now stand, walk, and roll on its hind legs

LimX Dynamics W1 is now more than a wheeled quadruped.

Water rescue drone TY-3R flying lifebuoy

The drone solves the pain points of untimely rescues and environmental constraints.

LimX Dynamics’ Biped Robot P1 walks through rough forest terrain

The biped robot conquers the wild based on reinforcement learning.

Astribot S1 AI robot impresses with unparalleled agility and accuracy

The future of AI Robot is here, and it's Naturally Yours.

Sanctuary unveils 7th generation of its general-purpose robot Phoenix

Generation 7 of ‘Phoenix’ robots includes an improved human-like range of motion.

NASA’s free-flying robots test new technology on the Space Station 

These robots assist astronauts and conduct valuable research on ISS.

EvoLogics presents Quadroin bionic underwater robot

The fast and maneuverable Quadroin leverages EvoLogics' expertise in low-drag bionic design.

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