Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Zenith AeroTech showcases tethered aerial vehicle for first time

Last May, the Quad 8 was flown for 96 hours straight in an endurance test.

AI-enabled robotic boat collects tons of marine plastic waste in rivers

This robot garbage collector autonomously cleans up harbors and rivers to keep plastic trash out of the ocean.

Robot chef learns to be a better cook by tasting its food

The robot is trained to assess the saltiness of a dish at different stages of the chewing process.

E-skin with artificial hairs perceives touch from different directions

Tiny surface hairs can perceive and anticipate the slightest tactile sensation on human skin.

This mechanical jumper leaps to record heights

New jumping robot achieves the tallest height of any known jumper, engineered or biological.

Drone interceptor with a net gun to take down other drones

This drone interceptor is designed to catch light UAVs.

Agile robotic rat SQuRo can squeeze through irregular narrow spaces

SQuRo may one day search for survivors at disaster sites or perform inspections of difficult-to-reach areas.

Eurolink Systems to launch multi-mission ready Beluga mini drone

This new, state-of-the-art mini drone is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

MIT’s surgical robot could help surgeons treat strokes remotely

The telerobotic system helps surgeons quickly and remotely treat patients experiencing a stroke or aneurysm.

Highly sensitive, 3D-printed fingertip ‘feels’ like human skin

It could help robots become more dexterous and improve the performance of prosthetic hands.

Robotic wheelchairs to move through crowds smoothly and safely

Engineers are developing control for wheelchair robots to mitigate the risk of collision in crowds.

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