Thursday, July 7, 2022


Light-activated fish robot swims around picking up microplastics

These tiny robots swim around quickly, picking up and removing microplastics from the environment.

A swarm of tiny swimming robots could look for signs of alien life

The concept would allow potential planetary missions to chase interesting clues in subsurface oceans.

All-in-one 3D printing method builds robots in one single step

Advance shows promise for "meta-bots" designed to deliver drugs or aid rescue missions.

MEDUSA’ dual robot’ drone flies and dives to collect aquatic data

The drone can both fly and land on water to take aquatic samples and monitor water quality.

EV Safe Charge unveils ZiGGY, its mobile EV charging robot

ZiGGY overcomes limitations of stationary EV chargers without the need for costly electrical infrastructure.

New artificial skin gives robots sense of touch and beyond

The skin allows robots to sense temperature, pressure, and even toxic chemicals through a simple touch.

Solinftec expands its new cutting edge AgTech robot in Canada

The new robotic platform scans field ecosystems providing detailed real-time data.

Draganfly announces new heavy-lift, long-endurance multiuse drones

Heavy-duty industrial UAVs are designed to enhance deliveries and flight times.

Engineers develop smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot

Smaller than a flea, robot can walk, bend, twist, turn and jump.

Fish-inspired drone transitions between air and water in less than a second

It is designed for biological and environmental monitoring in marine ecosystems.

Zenith AeroTech showcases tethered aerial vehicle for first time

Last May, the Quad 8 was flown for 96 hours straight in an endurance test.

AI-enabled robotic boat collects tons of marine plastic waste in rivers

This robot garbage collector autonomously cleans up harbors and rivers to keep plastic trash out of the ocean.

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