GITAI successfully demonstrates autonomous space robot inside the ISS

The GITAI autonomous space robot "S1" has successfully completed all planned activities.

Engineers develop tiny surfing robot inspired by water-skimming insects

The robot can find use in applications such as wildlife observation or environmental monitoring.

Ant-inspired four-legged swarm robots traverse complex terrain

The robots can maneuver in challenging environments and accomplish difficult tasks collectively.

Robotics company strapped high-tech sniper rifle to a robot dog

The machine can operate in a magnitude of conditions, both day and night.

Volocopters cargo drone VoloDrone completes its first public flight

The drone is capable of carrying a load of up to 200 kg.

Priva’s fully automated leaf-cutting robot can operate 24/7

The robot can move around a greenhouse independently and safely alongside employees.

AI allows high-speed drones to autonomously fly in unknown environments

The new approach could be useful in emergencies, on construction sites, or for security applications.

Meet LEONARDO, a bipedal robot that can fly, walk, and skateboard

LEO carves out a new type of locomotion somewhere between walking and flying.

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