XAG’s agricultural robot R80 conducts disinfectant spraying

The creation of such a device does not take much time and does not require high costs.

Danish disinfection robots use UV light to kill viruses and bacteria

It takes about 15 minutes to destroy 99.99% pathogens, bacteria, and viruses in a typical hospital room.

LTU student teaches kids to build DIY robotic hand sanitizer dispenser

It is a way to tie in robotics with everything else that’s going on and help kids learn robotics.

UPS and Wingcopter team up to develop versatile new delivery-drone fleet

The drones should cover various fields of application, beyond the health sector.

Zycraft introduces modified Dolphin marine rescue robot

It can be radio controlled to 500 m range and is usable under most sea conditions.

QilingUAV’s JC260 drone drops bombs to extinguish forest fire

When fired two fire extinguishing bombs at the same time, it can extinguish 100 cubic meters of fire.

Spanish Police are using drones to urge people to stay at home

Spanish police use drones to ask people to stay home to protect them against coronavirus.

Matternet station to take care of the drone delivery of medical samples

It provides safe, fully-automated medical payload exchange for Matternet drone networks on hospital campuses.

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Retractable solar cover provides both protection and increased range

The cover can be easily rolled out and back again without human intervention.

First prototype Loyal Wingman achieves ‘weight on wheels’ milestone

The goal is to produce an autonomous drone that can go hand-in-hand with drones and manned fighter jets.

Kalk INK SL: a street-legal version of CAKE’s cheapest e-motorcycle

The INK SL's head, tail and turn lights can be removed for off-road adventures.

California allowed Nuro to test driverless vehicles on their roads

Nuro is the second company to receive a driverless permit in the state.

Apple’s Face Shield against COVID-19 has dedicated support pages

Apple published instructions and a fitting guide that explain how to use its new Face Shields.

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