Drug-delivery microbots propelled by air bubbles and ultrasound

The micro-robotic swimmers could one day be a formidable new tool for targeted drug delivery.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog learns to replan routes on its own

New Release 3.0 update helps Spot do its jobs without the need for human intervention.

Heat-activated artificial muscle can lift objects 5000 times its own weight

High-energy shape memory polymer stores almost six times more energy than previous versions.

M2NS robotic system will autonomously neutralize underwater mines

Neutralization of underwater mines and explosive devices is a critically dangerous task for Navy divers.

Engineers to develop autonomous robot swarms to mine lunar resources

They received NASA funding for a new project to advance space-mining methods that use autonomous robot swarms.

XPeng introduces its first ridable robot unicorn for kids

The robotic pony not only can be ridden just like a real one but is even able to interact in a clever way.

iRobot Roomba j7+ robot vacuum uses AI to avoid pet poop

With its PrecisionVision Navigation, it can detect specific objects, as well as alert you to obstacles.

Singapore trials Xavier robots to patrol public areas

The patrol robots will support public officers in enhancing public health and safety.

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