MIT develops a humanoid robot that can perform acrobatic behaviors

The eventual goal is to do parkour over challenging terrains.

New agricultural robots kill individual weeds with electricity

Using the full system, farmers could reduce costs by 40% and chemical usage by up to 95%.

Sony unveils Airpeak S1, its first-ever professional drone

It can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless Alpha camera, opening up a new world of creative possibilities.

Unitree’s decent looking Go1 robot dog prices starting at just $2,700

The robot dog comes with features like autonomous human following and obstacle avoidance.

WomBot, a remote-controlled robot for monitoring wombat burrows

It allows us to enter and explore burrows without destroying them or using expensive ground-penetrating radar.

Razer and ClearBot develop a smart AI-robot to clean ocean waste

The ClearBot is powered by a solar array and can collect up to 250 kg of plastics in just one cycle.

Engineers develop a robotic device to pick, trim button mushrooms

It is capable of both picking and trimming mushrooms growing in a shelf system.

New robot set to help people in hazardous environment research

It can help save lives, cut carbon dioxide emissions, and support construction.

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