Monday, May 29, 2023


Solar2Water system produces clean drinking water from just air and sunlight

The system can be deployed to rural communities and set up easily without scientific know-how.

Researchers develop calcium metal battery with long cycle life

It is the benchmark for the practical use of these calcium (Ca) metal rechargeable batteries.

Rolls-Royce’s most powerful Pearl 10X engine getting ready for first flight

It is the first Rolls‑Royce engine ever to power a Dassault business jet.

NextGen firefighter helmet will protect against fire and bullets

A modern protective and lightweight helmet that supports accessories that expand the firefighter's capabilities.

Pratt launches new PW545D engine for Cessna Citation Ascend

The engine will deliver improved specific fuel consumption, thrust, and time between overhauls.

Gaming-centric affordable haptic feedback gloves

Gaming-centric haptic feedback glove that lets users experience VR like never before.

Researchers introduce new wireless system for greater 5G access

New technique for increasing access to the 5G-and-beyond millimeter wave network.

Rolls-Royce successfully completes first tests of its UltraFan aero engine in UK

The first tests were conducted using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

World’s smallest LED can convert existing phone cameras into microscopes

The new LED was used to build the world's smallest holographic microscope.

Vastplans to launch the world’s first commercial space station in 2025

The subsequent human spaceflight missions will accelerate access to space exploration.

Researchers produce optical filters and mirror with an inkjet printer

Custom optical filters and dielectric mirrors can be manufactured inexpensively and energy-efficiently.

Researchers develop new solar cell with over 26% efficiency

A breakthrough that makes solar panels better than ever.

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