Monday, March 4, 2024


NASA, Nikon to develop handheld camera for moon missions

The camera will operate in the harsh lunar environment for use beginning with Artemis III.

NASA, SpaceX test Starship docking system for moon missions

The docking system met up with Orion during more than 200 tests.

Northrop Grumman orbital refueling tech selected for U.S. military satellites

On-orbit refueling will enable spacecraft to continue maneuvering to engage threats and avoid debris.

NASA laser tech enables commercial lunar exploration

It can potentially revolutionize landing spacecraft on extraterrestrial worlds.

Korea Quantum Computing and IBM to Bring Advanced AI and Quantum Computing to Korea

IBM and KQC have agreed to offer each other's capabilities, including IBM's next-generation quantum computing architecture and KQC's AI infrastructure.

First hydrogen-fueled gas turbine engine for light aircraft tested

The aero gas turbine engine with ultra-high performance regenerative cycle.

First human receives Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain chip implant

The product aims to provide control over devices using just the power of thought.

BAE’s AMPV armored vehicle successfully defeats aerial targets

The vehicle took out a small fleet of quadcopter drones in spectacular fashion.

Self-powered movable seawalls generate power during tsunamis

Operates even during disaster power outages due to self-power generation.

GA-ASI demonstrates autonomy for unmanned combat aircraft

The MQ-20 Avenger drone is advanced enough to be used as a test platform for other technologies.

NASA to launch IMAP mission in 2025 to capture interstellar dust

Each small speck of interstellar dust holds a treasure trove of information.

Hyundai’s ‘Active Air Skirt’ tech makes EVs go faster and farther

The technology minimizes the aerodynamic resistance generated during high-speed driving.

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