Tuesday, June 25, 2024


GA-ASI completes tests for its new 200-horsepower heavy fuel engine

200-HP Heavy Fuel Engine will be used for new Gray Eagle 25M.

Successful flight trial of heavy-lifting, long-range cargo drone

Flowcopter has demonstrated its latest uncrewed aerial vehicle, "UAV." 

Microchannel reactor produces electrofuels similar to diesel fuel 

Building eco-friendly fuel stations to make clean fuels a reality.

Rocket Lab begins testing new 3D printed engine for Neutron rocket

Rocket Lab has completed the first entire assembly of its Archimedes engine.

Textron Systems to deliver HQ UAS to the U.S. Army

It wins option 3 and 4 awards for the FTUAS programme.

Hermeus begins testing precooler tech for hypersonic engine

The testing marks the first major engine milestone for Hermeus' supersonic Quarterhorse Mk 2 aircraft.

Archer unveils high-volume battery pack manufacturing line

We are starting to see certified aircraft, vertiports, and manufacturing facilities coming to life.

World’s largest coastal regeneration project to plant 100 million trees

The project aims to boost the ecotourism, biodiversity, and resilience of Dubai.

RheEnergise to build high-density hydro long-duration storage system

Work onsite to build the demonstrator will start soon.

NASA uses small jet engine to advance sustainable aviation tech

A small-scale, fully operational jet engine to test new technology that could make aviation more sustainable.

NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft resumes sending engineering data to Earth

The deep space probe is returning usable data for the first time since November. 

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter says goodbye with a final message

The team will prepare the first aircraft in another world for its new role.

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