Monday, June 17, 2024


New heat battery system hits record 44% efficiency

New design can recover significantly more energy stored in heat batteries.

New fusion reactor endurance record for tungsten tokamak WEST

This could open the door to practical fusion power on a commercial scale. 

World’s largest renewable energy park is operational in India

The plant will be entirely covered with waterless robotic module cleaning systems.

First Light Fusion makes a breakthrough using an electric gun

It has successfully tested its "electric gun" to ignite fuel in its test reactor's core.

Korean artificial sun sets new record for continuous fusion plasma operations

It also achieved the high confinement mode(H-mode) for over 100 seconds.

Quaise raises funds for terawatt-scale deep geothermal energy

The new funding will expand field operations and strengthen the supply chain.

Drinking bird toy generator makes clean energy from water

The upgraded 'drinking bird' toy converts energy from water evaporation into clean electricity.

World’s most powerful tidal turbine prepares for first dip into US waters

The company is selected as the technology partner for OPALCO's tidal project.

OTEC storm-resistant structure begins fabrication

It is expected to be installed at a testing site in the upcoming months.

U.K.’s JET nuclear fusion reactor sets new world energy output record

Its latest fusion energy record shows mastery of fusion processes.

WaveRoller converts ocean wave energy to electricity

WaveFarm unleashes a wave of energy for a sustainable future.

UK firm to build first tidal energy plant in Southeast Asia

The 1MW project is expected to deploy in late 2025.

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