Friday, December 1, 2023


Electra’s hybrid-electric ultra-STOL aircraft makes its first flights

This class of sustainable aircraft unlocks the promise of regional air mobility with lower operating costs.

DARPA selects competitors to design and build high-speed VTOL X-Plane

The effort aims to validate technologies and concepts that can be scaled to different-sized military aircraft.

AutoFlight unveils fully electric, autonomous firefighting eVTOL

The firefighting model is designed to lift a 400kg payload.

First-ever manned eVTOL air taxi flight takes off in New York City

This showcased Joby Aviation's commitment to quiet, emissions-free urban air travel.

PteroDynamics’ automated Transwing VTOL aircraft aces sea trials

The aircraft demonstrates its ability to land autonomously on a moving target.

Archer Aviation plans to launch electric air taxi service in India in 2026

The aim is to offer a "cost-competitive" alternative to on-road services.

AMSL Aero developing world’s first hydrogen vertical lift-off plane

Renewable hydrogen takes to the skies!

Archer’s Midnight eVTOL aircraft takes flight for the first time

Its flight test program hit another key milestone as the company's Midnight aircraft took flight.

Lilium Jet becomes first eVTOL for private sale in the U.S.

Lilium has opened private sales of its eVTOL jets in the U.S. market.

China issues type certificate to EHang’s EH216-S two-seat eVTOL aircraft

The approval makes the two-seat model the first eVTOL vehicle in the world to be cleared for commercial use.

Archer plans to commence air taxi operations in Abu Dhabi in 2026

The parties intend to work together to make Abu Dhabi its first international launch partner.

World’s first single-pilot light jet capable of nonstop transcontinental flight

This light jet delivers premium comfort and convenience typically reserved for larger aircraft.

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