Monday, July 15, 2024


First ultra-short takeoff and landing of blown-wing hybrid aircraft

Electra's hybrid-electric test aircraft achieves first ultra-short eSTOL takeoff and landing in piloted test flights.

Bell’s proposal for DARPA SPRINT program involves a tiltrotor-like aircraft

DARPA picks two firms to design a fast, runway-less airplane.

AeroVironment develops its Wildcat autonomous VTOL UAS for DARPA

Wildcat UAS is a long-endurance, large-payload vertical take-off and landing solution.

Aurora develops a new high-speed, vertical lift X-plane for DARPA

An Aurora and Boeing team advances its high-speed, vertical lift concept to the preliminary design phase.

Sikorsky flight tests rotor blown wing tail sitter VTOL UAS

The flight tests are intended to prove the efficiency and scalability of the aircraft concept.

Airbus’ Eurodrone gets one step closer to production

The Eurodrone program has successfully performed the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

Boeing ecoDemonstrator to test technologies to make aviation more efficient

The program is focused on strengthening operational efficiency and sustainability in cabin interiors.

NASA’s supersonic X-59 steps towards safe first flight

Flight Readiness Review is the first step in the flight approval process.

Virgin Atlantic’s Flight100 saved 95 tonnes of CO2

World's first transatlantic flight on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). 

U.S. Air force to get new Doomsday planes 

The Air Force has awarded SNC a $13 billion contract to deliver a replacement for its E-4B “Doomsday” plane.

Airbus Helicopters’ high-speed Racer makes its first flight

The flight test allows the team to check the overall behavior of the aircraft.

Beta achieves first manned full transition test flight with eVTOL aircraft

First manned eVTOL transition to cruise flight.

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