Wednesday, October 4, 2023


UK science facility to build the world’s most powerful laser

The laser will be a million, billion, billion times brighter than the Sahara Desert's brightest sunlight.

Utrecht to use shared cars as large-scale neighborhood batteries

The mobile neighborhood battery is getting closer.

T-600 heavy lift drone launches anti-submarine torpedo for the first time

T-600 electric uncrewed demonstrator aircraft achieves a significant milestone at NATO exercise.

Solarstone announces a new BIPV production facility

The new facility has the capacity to assemble 13,000 integrated solar panels monthly.

Northvolt to build fully integrated li-ion battery gigafactory in Quebec

Northvolt Six will have an annual cell production capacity of 60 GWh

The Giant Magellan Telescope begins fabrication of its final mirror

Seven of the world's largest mirrors will search the Universe for life beyond Earth.

Northrop Grumman to build advanced, air-to-ground Stand-In Attack Weapon

The air-to-ground weapon accelerates the pivot to a new generation of air power.

LG set new distance record for data transmission using 6G technology

The company is now one step closer to commercializing 6G THz communications.

LG Energy Solution to launch enblock E storage system in Germany

LG Energy Solution is launching a new residential energy storage system.

German Navy successfully completes laser weapon trials at sea

The laser is capable of successfully engaging targets in a maritime environment.

Sunmaxx builds world’s largest PVT module production in Saxony

Sunmax was able to develop its PVT modules with an overall efficiency of 80%.

Samsung’s LPCAMM memory module consumes 60% less board space

LPCAMM will lead the next-gen module market for PCs and laptops - and potentially even data centers.

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