Electric Bike

HyperScrambler 2, a dual battery e-bike with more than 100 miles range

Never again ride with range anxiety and underwhelming pedal power.

NZDF began trialing electric utility bikes for military use

The New Zealand Defence Force is exploring greener transport.

FIIDO D11, an ultra-light folding e-bike with a range of 100 km

Its professional ergonomic bike design ensures excellent riding experience.

Eeyo 1, Gogoro presents 12 kg light pedelec with 88 km of range

These pedelecs are characterized by their low weight and high-quality materials.

RadWagon 4, a modular e-cargo bike that carries up to 158kg

The zero-emission cargo-bike can help small businesses deliver goods and meals at home.

Specialized Turbo Vado SL packs 120 miles of range in a very slim body

No other e-bike has range, power, and ride quality like this, let alone at a weight that’s light enough to carry.

Meet Poimo, a portable and inflatable e-bike prototype

Poimo would be a cheaper, more modular, easier to carry and safer mobility solution.

EV4 Gremlin, a folding ‘do-it-yourself’ mini electric scooter

Building your own Gremlin will be a very fun and rewarding experience.

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