Thursday, May 23, 2024

Innovative pollution control solutions for recycling industries

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is taking a proactive approach to address the pressing need for effective pollution solutions in the recycling industry. 

With the growing concern over the environmental impact of metal, plastic, and battery recycling processes, it’s important for companies to implement sustainable technologies that can help mitigate harmful emissions and ensure industry-wide environmental compliance. Ship & Shore Environmental is taking a step forward with advanced, sustainable technologies designed to support this critical cause.

Recycling is undoubtedly an essential practice that contributes to protecting the environment. However, it is not without its challenges. Recycling facilities that recycle metals or plastics often encounter the generation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful residuals while recycling metals or plastics. 

Pollutants can emerge from various recycling activities, such as converting plastics into reusable pellets, recycling industrial and automotive batteries on a large scale, and operating metal disposal facilities. It is evident that effective pollution control measures are necessary as these activities significantly contribute to environmental degradation.

Witness our RTO in action, epitomizing pollution control
Witness our RTO in action, epitomizing pollution control. Credit: Ship & Shore Environmental

Ship & Shore Environmental has developed a range of pollution control solutions that are specifically designed for the recycling sector to tackle the various challenges they face. Their custom-designed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) and Scrubbers are engineered to capture and destroy over 99% of VOCs and other pollutants that are emitted from recycling operations. These advanced technologies not only help recycling businesses comply with regulations but also promote operational efficiency and sustainability within the recycling industry.

The benefits of adopting Ship & Shore Environmental’s pollution control technologies are numerous, both for the environment and the economy. Recycling facilities that use these solutions contribute to cleaner air and a healthier community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing the release of toxic pollutants. 

In addition, these technologies can lead to significant operational cost savings through energy recovery systems and reduced waste disposal fees.