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Pranjal Mehar is an active and happy member of Inceptive Mind. She started writing for the last 2 years. Being Tech Enthusiast, she is willing to explore beyond her knowledge.
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ISO released its first set of safety standards for commercial drones

A new ISO standard has just been published to keep everyone in the industry on the same plane.

Meet Ebo, a robot designed to entertain your cat

Love, care, and always be there for your pet with Ebo, the next generation cat companion.

KATSURU BETA, the very first smart painting drone available for sale

The first semi-autonomous painting drone to reach heights of walls once thought impossible.

Reebok created eco-friendly sneakers from sustainably grown plants

The Forever Floatride GROW is made with Castor Beans, Algae, Eucalyptus Trees and Natural Rubber.

New “Tip-Tap” device allows battery-free computer input with fingertips

Tip-Tap is wireless and battery-free, could be used in factories, hospitals, gyms and many other applications.

Enjoy warm and delicious food anywhere, anytime with “Heatbox”

Heatbox enables you to enjoy warm and delicious food within 8 minutes regardless of your location or the time.

Unocup – The eco-friendly and foldable coffee cup without plastic lid

Unocup is the new, sleek paper coffee cup that makes plastic lids a thing of the past.

Wearable artificial throat could help mute people ‘speak’ with relative ease

Most of us often take speech for granted, but human speech is a biological marvel. It is a complex process that involves both motions...

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