Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gaming-centric affordable haptic feedback gloves

Haptic feedback gloves are wearable devices that use finger-tracking gloves integrated with haptic feedback technology to allow users to experience realistic touch and feel 3D objects in Virtual Reality (VR) environments. Various companies have already developed haptic mechanisms systems to experience realistic VR. However, they had some drawbacks, such as bulky-heavy hardware, sometimes sensors do not work properly, do not support gaming applications, and this haptic glove can cost thousands of dollars.

Denver, Colorado-based startup Bifrost has unveiled a prototype version of their lightweight haptic feedback glove called Pulse.

Bifrost’s Pulse is designed with gaming in mind, unlike other companies that aim for business purposes.

Pulse presents natural and realistic interaction in a compact form factor. It uses sensors to precisely track hand movements and actuators to apply different amounts of tension to each finger, simulating virtual objects’ size, shape, and flexibility. It can replicate buttons and joystick input using just fingers.

Pulse’s modular design can dynamically adapt to any hand to give perfect fitting ensuring maximum performance and comfort. These gloves work while grasping virtual objects and touching stationary objects like walls and tables.

The Pulse Gloves are wireless and connect over Bluetooth, so the user doesn’t have to worry about wires. This glove weighs only 5oz (141gm).

This wireless haptic feedback glove can reshape the VR and haptic feedback technology with its gaming-centric gloves. These gloves can have various use case scenarios when collaborating with developers for making games and applications compatible with such gloves.

To experience Bifrost’s Pulse gloves, they will also release the first-ever Pulse-compatible game. The Pulse Developer Kit is priced at $299 and is available on Indiegogo.