Saturday, June 22, 2024

Meet Subnado, the world’s smallest and lightest underwater scooter

Whether you are a good swimmer or not, an underwater scooter can greatly enhance the fun of swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sports alike. It is a piece of diving equipment that can be used in water to provide forward momentum for the user. Although most of the underwater scooters on the market deliver decent performance, there are a few general problems, such as bulky bionic batoidea shaped designs and their hefty weight.

Now, Waydoo announced that it would soon launch its first-ever underwater scooter, called the Subnado, which is claimed to be the world’s smallest and lightest of such devices. Currently, the Chinese company is best known for another type of watercraft, namely the electric foil board.

The Waydoo Subnado features a 380 mm long cylindrical aluminum body that measures 60 mm wide, with the propeller guard slightly wider at 70 mm. Weighing in at only 1.4kg, the Subnado has a compact, stylish, sleek design that’s easy to carry wherever you go. With a diameter similar to that of a Coke bottle, it fits easily into a backpack compared to conventional underwater scooters, which are much heavier and bulkier.

Subnado has a compact, stylish, sleek design that’s easy to carry wherever you go.
Subnado has a compact, stylish, sleek design that’s easy to carry wherever you go. Credit: Waydoo

The vehicle is integrated with a 98Wh lithium-ion battery that can run for up to 56 minutes on a single charge. It comes equipped with a 500W electric motor that produces 6.5 kg of maximum thrust, capable of driving a 65 kg diver at a maximum speed of 1.4m/s. What’s more? Attaching two Waydoo Subnados to each arm allows the user to reach speeds of 2m/s.

The Subnado rocks a 100W-capable USB-C charging system, which allows it to be charged with any USB charger. Thanks to the company’s proprietary battery technology, fully charging Subnado from zero to 100% can be completed in 1.2 hours. The battery can also be utilized to charge other devices, such as smartphones, GoPro, diving computers, and any gadgets in between.

Thanks to its IP68 waterproof-rated body, the Subnado can be operated at a maximal depth of 60m. Additionally, the Subnado’s quick-release mounting system and a wide selection of accessories give the vehicle a wide range of applications. The vehicle is controlled via a simple yet intuitive controller that can be worn around your index finger and operated by just a thumb. You may also attach a ring mount to the front of the Subnado, which provides three mounting ports for cameras, lights, or other accessories.

Waydoo plans to launch its crowdfunding campaign for the Subnado on Kickstarter from late March to early April 2022, with a starting price of $299.