Google presents an Envelope to combat cell phone addiction

Turn your smartphone into an old mobile by wrapping it in the paper.

Qualcomm introduces three new midrange Snapdragon chips for non-5G phones

Despite the 5G push, Qualcomm does not abandon the previous generation of mobile network.

Samsung SelfieType is an invisible keyboard designed for smartphones

It converts any flat surface, such as a table, the plane's seat tray or the kitchen countertop into QWERTY keyboard.

UltraSense TouchPoint sensor can replace physical buttons on the devices

Ultrasense creates a chip capable of converting any solid surface into a multi-functional touch panel with a simple chip.

DIVEROID turns your mobile phone into a multifunctional dive computer

Turn your smartphone into an affordable all-in-one Dive computer, Underwater camera, and Photo-synced log book.

Google creates a “Paper Phone” to get rid of smartphone addiction

Google's experimental app designed to help people detoxify their dependence on their mobile devices.

A wearable keyboard to control any Bluetooth-connected device with gesture

With new AirMouse feature, users can control any Bluetooth-connected device with a simple, untethered wave of the hand.

New AI tool detects banana diseases and pests with 90% accuracy

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits and are marketable fruit crops grown all over the world. It helps lower high blood...

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