Electric motor

Evoy presents the world’s most powerful electric outboard motor

An outboard system with batteries for high-speed boats to eliminate emissions.

Linear Labs’ HET electric motor is 2-3 times more powerful than any other motor

It promises twice the torque and three times the power of any other motor of the same size.

Equipmake to develop ultra-light, cheaper and the most power-dense electric motor

Its target power density was set at more than 20 kW/kg, 4 times more than conventional electric motors.

The powerful Revonte ONE drive system features an automatic transmission

It also comes with an ergonomic and flexible controller, high capacity battery and a mobile application.

Electric motor with printed circuit board stator is 60% lighter

Replacing the iron core and copper wire windings drastically reduces the physical weight.

MEB-based Volkswagen ID.3 electric motor fits into a sports bag

It is not only less complex than conventional petrol or diesel engine, but also compact enough to fit in a sports bag.

Magna to develop eight times more powerful and cheaper electric motor

The objective is to develop an automotive-grade, non-permanent magnet electric motor for next-gen vehicle propulsion systems

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