Pagurus, a solar-powered amphibious catamaran capable of moving also on land

The newly designed vessel uses solar power to make its way through water and land.

Apex Watercraft’s Tyr is an advanced carbon fiber fishing kayak

It combines aerospace engineering with artisan craftsmanship.

Taiga’s new electric Jet Ski reaches the top speed of 65mph

Electric jet ski with a final speed of 104km/h and 2 hours of autonomy.

Ports of Auckland to buy the world’s first full size electric tugboat

In an effort to fight climate change, New Zealand's Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with the Damen Shipyards Group to buy the...

New Dockitjet inflatable jetski powered tender can carry up to 6 people

Jet Skiing is super cool! As a fun recreation activity, it can be done while on a family outing or when enjoying the beach...

Nikola Wav: An all-electric jet-ski styled personal watercraft

All the Jet Ski lovers may be interested in Nikola's newly launched watercraft. The Arizona-based startup Nikola Motors has been simultaneously developing products for...

Mantra: The cafe racer for water

An international team crafted 'Mantra' brings boat building idea and engineering expertise together. It is an amazing alternative to personal watercraft (PWC) and boats. It...

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