Monday, July 22, 2024

ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, a futuristic Top Secret security level mobile device

Critical communication ending up in the wrong hands can cause anything from financial damage to extortion and loss of life. Today’s smartphones, including ultra-secure models, have in effect become portals into our worlds and pose a great risk. Therefore, secure communication is of great importance in many cases.

Swiss-based ARMA Instruments specializes in the security of mission-critical communications. The company is an exhibitor at CES2021, where it will unveil the ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, a futuristic Top Secret security level mobile device that protects critical communications against advanced adversaries.

The ARMA G1 secure communicator is a high-tech two-way pager for mobile communications over (insecure) public cellular networks, anywhere in the world. ARMA Instruments developed the opposite of a smartphone, with a very high focus on transparency and absolute security and control for the airborne transmission of your intellectual legacy.

ARMA G1 Secure Communicator, a futuristic Top Secret security level mobile device.
The mobile device protects critical communications against advanced adversaries. Credit: ARMA Instruments

Secure Communicator uses patented Dynamic Identity technology to hide user data and metadata. Extra focus is on reducing the attack surface of the communication device. Where users are currently easily trackable and identifiable, the ARMA G1 communicator continuously changes its identity, both on the device and on the mobile network level.

The communications system is based on the Tor network, which is public infrastructure. Therefore, the purchase and maintenance of the infrastructure are not necessary. Establishing a secure and closed communications network based on the G1 Weapon does not require significant action. Users activate the device and can add their contacts through the company’s meeting protocol. ARMA can provide its clients with additional personalized services.

The mobile personal communicator is based on the ARMA Linux operating system, using the cellular network. Weighing only 200 grams, the device is 115 mm long, 72 mm wide, and 9 mm high. It is made of stainless steel and advanced ceramics and isolated from the main case using magnetics. Additionally, ARMA G1 comes with IP67 dust and waterproof rating, which means it could be submerged underwater, a meter deep, for a maximum of 30 minutes.

It is dedicated to the most rudimentary form of mobile communication, which is text messaging. The ARMA G1 secure communicator, therefore, has the smallest possible attack surface. Fewer sensors, hardware, and no other software application mean more security. Through built-in Tor functionality, the ARMA G1’s data traffic is not dependent on traditional server infrastructure. This prevents the company or others from monitoring customer data or data routing. Data that is not collected cannot be compromised or attacked.

In our highly connected world, cybersecurity is challenged every minute. The ARMA G1 Secure Communicator could really help against the attacks of advanced adversaries.