Sunday, December 10, 2023

Samsung to deliver Galaxy products with drones in minutes

Samsung Electronics has announced a new partnership with Manna Drone Delivery, a move that will see smartphone purchases delivered by drone within minutes in the town of Oranmore, Ireland, where the service is being trialed. This is the first time that Samsung offers this service worldwide as a way to facilitate an end-to-end contactless and safer delivery, considering the current context of the pandemic.

The service will first be available to Oranmore-based customers, with Samsung and Manna keen to expand this service nationwide in the future.

Manna uses custom-developed aerospace-grade drones to deliver products directly to customer’s homes. Their drones fly at an altitude of 50-80 meters and a speed of over 60 km/h (37 mph), which enables delivery to homes in Oranmore within 3 minutes.

Samsung to deliver Galaxy products with drones in minutes
Manna Drone Delivery will deliver Galaxy products contact-free and in only 3 minutes. Credit: Samsung

However, not all products can be delivered by drone. This shipment is only valid for purchases of the latest range of Galaxy devices (including the S21 Ultra, the Galaxy Buds Pro, the Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Watch 3, and Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy A Series) ordered online through the company’s Irish electronic store. In addition, shipments using this drone can only be made in the morning or during the day and in weather conditions that do not endanger flights.

At Samsung, we are always looking for ways to bring meaningful innovation to our customers, so we’re really excited to be the first technology company in Ireland to make our products available to our customers via drone delivery,said Eamonn Grant, Head of Online for Samsung Ireland. “To be able to deliver our products to our customers within three minutes of leaving the dispatch center is a brilliant example of innovation in motion. Superior customer experience is at the heart of what we do, and with this new service, we are embracing what we believe will be the future of retail. In the current environment, there is no better time to provide a contactless alternative to ‘click and collect,’ and we are really thrilled to be partnering with Manna to achieve this.

Apart from Samsung, Manna has also been working with Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco and other local businesses to deliver groceries, books, and medicine to people in the area.