Gomi upcycles old Lime e-bike batteries into portable Bluetooth speakers

The Speakers are handmade from plastic bags and powered by 100% repurposed e-bike batteries.

Kenyan entrepreneur turns plastic waste into bricks, stronger than concrete

Bricks made of a composite of recycled waste plastic are five to seven times stronger than concrete.

Sustainable cool packaging alternative to Styrofoam made from recycled paper

Scientists at TU Dresden are developing a sustainable insulation material from waste paper.

Researchers turn pineapple waste into disposable drone parts

The parts could be buried in the ground and would degrade within two weeks.

Norwegian startup aims to build affordable homes using 100% recycled plastic

The company is working on producing homes from plastic waste to tackle the housing deficit in Africa.

Solar panels created from crop waste produce energy even if the sun isn’t shining

Engineering student turns waste into a material capable of converting UV light into electrical energy.

Montreal is building bridges using recycled wine bottles

It will give a second life to some 70,000 bottles of wine.

Ocean Cleanup revealed its first sunglasses made from recovered plastic

Plastic that floated in the Pacific last year has been transformed into sunglasses.

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