Sunday, April 21, 2024

Make it Extreme unveils its Monotrack bike made from scraps

Make it Extreme has unveiled its Monotrack bike, on the occasion of completing a hundred projects on their channel. It is a motorized vehicle that uses only one crawler to move.

Make it Extreme is a YouTube channel by two friends passionate about creating unique and extreme projects using scraps of materials and old items.

In the past years, they’ve made unique projects such as Monowheel, an extending bicycle, and many extreme projects and uploaded on their YouTube channel.

Make It Extreme's Monotrack bike
Monotrack bike. Credit: Make It Extreme.

In making Monotrack bike, the DIY enthusiasts used a 100cc two-stroke engine from an old scooter. They cut the sidewalls of a recycled car tire, fitting it around a motor’s body. The tire acts like a tank tread for the steel track to have maximum grip on the tarmac. This innovative approach allows the rider to perform extreme wheelies without the fear of losing balance while also promoting recycling and sustainability.

The rims are made from an aluminum diving bottle to transmit the machine’s motion to the crawler. Moreover, they used an 80mm wide metallic tube to make five additional metallic rollers to shape the crawler and spin.

At the front side of the bike, three rollers are located, and these rollers are connected to the machine with a variable connection so that the crawler can be set along with it. Meanwhile, the other two rollers are at the back of the crawler and are connected by scissors to the front of the bike, where three metallic rollers are. The scissor is supported by three springs, which help it to absorb the noise and the vibration.

“Summing up, while getting into the process to start this particular project, we knew that despite the constructional functions, there would also be problems turning the wheel during its driving. However, the vehicle was moving with great facility, even better than we expected. It also gives us a very pleasant feeling during its driving as the driver feels like he drives a motorbike on one wheel. Finally, we are very glad that such a unique construction is included in our collection,” stated Make it Extreme.