Thursday, May 23, 2024

DAB Motors launches its first production electric motorbike

DAB Motors has made waves by launching its first-ever production electric motorcycle, the DAB 1α. This incredible bike is the pinnacle of luxury and technology, boasting a powerful 25.5-kW motor and a lightning-fast 150-km/h battery. Also, the bike features a range of design touches that were created through collaboration with other experts. 

Established in 2018 by Simon Dabadie, DAB Motors launched its first product, the LM-S scrambler, in the following year, which was a customizable but expensive product. However, the company shifted its focus towards an electric future with its Concept-E model in 2021, which has now evolved into its latest offering, the 1α production model. Peugeot Motorcycles acquired the company last year. 

The DAB 1α model has undergone a design refresh and features a steel double-cradle frame, steel trellis subframe, and monocoque body that can be availed in either white or gray. The bike comes with a 3.4-liter glove compartment, and the side-mounted motor protectors and front fender are made using upcycled aircraft carbon fiber from Airbus. The swingarm is fashioned from cast aluminum, and the bike weighs approximately 125 kg (275.5 lb).

This electric motorcycle boasts an impressive 11-kW brushless DC motor capable of producing up to 395 Nm of torque. With a top speed of 130 km/h, four forward power modes plus reverse, and low maintenance thanks to a combined DAB and Gates Carbon belt drive setup, this e-moto is built for a superior riding experience. And with a 72-volt, 7.1-kWh Li-ion battery pack that’s fully repairable, dismountable, and recyclable, you can enjoy a maximum per-charge range of 150 km.

The new DAB 1α Motorbike by DAB Motors in MGT-Grey and W-White.
The new DAB 1α Motorbike by DAB Motors in MGT-Grey and W-White. Credit: DAB Motors

The DAB 1α also features four forward power modes plus reverse, low maintenance with a combined DAB and Gates Carbon belt drive setup, and the ability to charge at home in 3.5 hours or via fast charging with a Type 2 adapter.

With its Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 tires and 46-mm upside-down adjustable fork and rear shock, this bike is designed to give you a smooth ride, no matter the terrain. And with Peugeot Motorcycles Dual ABS and Brembo brakes, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to stop on a dime. 

The Renthal Fatbar is a stylish touch, with CNC-machined controls and a 2.8-inch LCD dash display that keeps all your important information right at your fingertips. The design is inspired by retro gaming and BMX culture, with back pegs for passengers.

In addition, the boutique ride offers high-density foam butt padding for two, with a standard seat height of 880 mm or 840 mm with an optional low seat. The ride also boasts a low/high-beam headlight with an LED daylight strip paired with an LED tail light, making it visible and safe even in low-light conditions. 

This 125cc-equivalent urban moto is being produced as a limited run of 400 units at Peugeot’s Beaulieu-Mandeure facility and is available for worldwide shipping at a starting price of €14,900 (almost $16000).