Startup Bobsla develops an amazing electric snow kart for winter tourists

If you go skiing in Austria, in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, you could fall in love with a ride on Bobsla!

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1, an electric bike to ride on the water

With its incredible electric pedal assist, you can really pedal on the surface of the water.

Rocket One CamperVan has a sporty design and livable space for five members

It has more functional solutions than elegant, giving a more sporty and youthful touch to the segment.

S-Walk, a Golf e-Trolley that automatically adapts to golfer’s pace

S-Walk, the first smart Golf e-Trolley with a smart automatic speed regulation.

Langogo, AI-powered pocket translator that speaks 70 languages

Every outdoor adventure lover might have faced language barriers while traveling. At some point, we were unable to understand anything said to us in...

EVOC’s unveils Boa-equipped on-bike packs for off-road adventures

Every bigger adventure with mountain, gravel, or racing bikes requires more equipment and storage space on the bike itself. There is nothing worse than...

GT Sky Loft: The largest roof tent in the world

There is nothing quite like a weekend of getting away from your everyday busy life and spending time in the outdoors. Whether it is...

AppWEAR: Heated Tracking Jacket with Rescue Reflector

If you are anything like me who loves skiing, cycling, hiking, and any other outdoor activities, then you must be interested in new, totally...

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