Thursday, April 18, 2024

Space Camper reveals a wedge-style camper for the Cybertruck

Many people want to escape the workload and technology and reconnect with nature. Spending the night outdoors allows people to see the constellations that cannot be seen indoors and hear the sounds of nature. For this reason, people camp for adventures in nature. Camping is good for both body and mind and helps connect with nature, reduce stress, and increase physical fitness.

Car camping is the most popular form of camping. However, only some cars include camping accessories, so people modify their vehicles for camping purposes in which a roof tent or rooftop tent (RTT) is an accessory that can be mounted on the roof or bed of a motor vehicle. This rooftop allows users to sleep in the car safely and comfortably.

Similarly, California-based startup Space Campers released their new prototype of a wedge-style camper for the Cybertruck that can be opened and closed hand free with air power.

The Space Camper drops onto the bed of the Cybertruck, following its aerodynamic design, and can be attached with just a few clamps.

With Space Campers mode, you can sleep two in a Murphy-style bed attachment and lift to 8 feet (2.4 m) of standing room. The four-inch memory foam mattress can be removed, and you can convert the mattress extensions into a bench or table for a workspace.

Instead of the self-contained gas struts commonly used on pop-up roofs, the Space Campers’ struts tap into Tesla’s onboard air compressor; with a simple valve turn, air enters the camper’s pneumatic cylinder and deflates the camper in minutes. Integration with Cybertruck’s tailgate locking system enables keyless entry.

“We’ve built a prototype from the ground up to put our finger on the pulse of manufacturing. We’re planning to act as fast as possible once the Cybertruck hits the road,” says Space Campers founder and head engineer Lee Wilkerson.

“We like to think of our camper as hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Since day one, we’ve wanted our design to be as rugged as the truck, with the same sort of comfort and nostalgia you’d get from a classic VW bus,” says Wilkerson.

Space campers are setting a new standard for versatility by prioritizing function. Installation of the Wedge Camper requires no modification to the Cybertruck. It always allows full access to the truck bed.

The Wedge includes integrated storage cubbies in its short, bed-leveling sidewalls, integrated L track and tie-down points, and four 110-V outlets.

The Space Campers is customizable and can add accessories for the camp kitchen, pressurized hot water, shower, bathroom, roof racks, insulation, solar, and an easy offload system.

The Wedge Camper weighs 470 lbs with the bed and comes in black, with the option for a stainless-steel upgrade.

Space Camper's prototype of The Cap  for the Cybertruck
Space Camper’s prototype of The Cap for the Cybertruck. Credit: Space Camper

In addition to The Wedge Camper, Space Campers also reveals The Cap, a non-hinging truck topper for the Cyber Truck. Made from the same aerospace grade composite as their camper, The Cap fits seamlessly into the Cyber Truck while matching its durability.

Space Campers will debut their prototype on the weekend of July 29 at Tesla Takeover in San Luis Obispo, North America’s largest event of the year for Tesla owners and EV enthusiasts.

The base model of the Space Camper’s wegde camper is available for pre-order on the company’s official website at a premium price of $24,000.