Thursday, April 18, 2024

Rocket One CamperVan has a sporty design and livable space for five members

The German motorhome dealer Rocket Camper has recently presented one of the most striking models of recent years. It has more functional solutions than elegant, giving a more sporty and youthful touch to the segment. Called the Rocket One, it is a camper van extension based on the Peugeot Boxer, which turns all box van rules upside down.

The prototype of the Rocket One looks like a normal Peugeot Boxer from the outside – no additional furniture flaps or power flaps reveal that this is a camper. The body is completely intact except for the frame windows, the power connection is given under the hood, and the water tank of the camper is filled via a hose. A Webasto diesel heater is installed at the bottom of the vehicle.

The individual parts of the room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, lounge) can be separated by curtains
The individual parts of the room (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, lounge) can be separated by curtains.

All of these technical components are at the heart of the camper, the transversely installed furniture row in the middle of the vehicle. It consists of multiplex panels. The upper flap is made of real oak.

The Rocket One has an L-shaped kitchen unit in the middle of the vehicle. The kitchen is offered with one or two burners and is hidden under a hinged deck, creating a seamless kitchen space and opening on the bed when it is time to cook. The flat bottom of the bed cover can be used as additional kitchen space, assuming you don’t mind cooking on top of the mattress.

Behind the side sliding door, you can find the 80-liter refrigerator standing in front of the camper. A portable camping toilet is installed in a drawer below the sink, and hardcover can be folded as a step, both for children who access the sink and for adults who go up to the back bed. A shower head hangs on the wall behind the sink and is designed to serve essentially as an outdoor shower. Otherwise, the side panel works like a shower platform. The fresh and wastewater tanks both hold 60 liters.

80 liters Fridge
80 liters Fridge

The sleeping accommodations for a family of up to five people consist of a 1.40 x 1.93-meter bed in the back and has a dividing curtain to create some privacy. It consists of several cushions and rests on disc springs. The second bed is in the pop-up roof. The lying area here is 1.40 x 2.20 meters wide. Rocket Camper developed its own lift roof to increase interior space and save weight. The bedrooms are equipped with LED lighting and USB ports.

There is plenty of storage space onboard: This is ensured by several storage cupboards on the roof, bags that can be hung on the sides of the camper, and the large storage compartments in the furniture module. There is also the large rear storage space under the bed. The bed can be folded up at the back so that there is also room for a bicycle. Surfboards or SUP boards could also be easily accommodated here. Rocket One should cost about 60,000 euros (about $66,260).