Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Adidas GMR, the smart insole to unlock the prizes in FIFA Mobile

We informed you that the brand with three bands will soon launch a slightly crazy project. And now Adidas, in collaboration with EA Sports and Google has launched Adidas GMR, a smart insole with a sensor that enables players to impact virtual performance with real-world football play. Players can, therefore, take advantage of their performance on real fields to complete challenges in digital FIFA Mobile video game.

The special Adidas GMR insole is compatible with soccer shoes from any manufacturer. It contains an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a small chip capable of executing artificial intelligence algorithms to learn our movements.

Adidas GMR Features.
Adidas GMR Features.

Powered by a Jacquard Tag, the smart insole connects to your smartphone and turns your kicks and moves on the field into rewards in FIFA Mobile. Thanks to the advanced machine learning algorithms of the Jacquard beacon, Adidas GMR is able to identify the actual physical movements footballers make on-pitch, including measuring kicks, shot power, distance, and speed.

The insole then allows them to be transferred in the form of data to FIFA Mobile. It is possible thanks to a sensor that is inserted into the bottom of the insole. By completing multiple challenges and completing long-term goals, users will unlock rewards in the game, improve their Ultimate Team ranking, and the player’s rankings in global leaderboards, who make it up in the game through their real actions.

According to the manufacturers, the battery supports up to 3 soccer games before requiring a charge, which can be done using a Micro USB cable. A full charge takes between 60-90 minutes. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The new Adidas insoles will be available for purchase online at adidas.com/gmr and in selected Adidas stores at a recommended price of €34.99 ($35). At the moment they are available in Spain, the United States, Australia and some countries in Europe and Asia.