Smart gadget

Google launches Nest Thermostat with a simpler design and touch control

New smart thermostat brings energy savings to people’s homes in a sleek, beautiful design.

Ring Always Home Cam, an autonomous security drone for indoor use

One camera could give users the flexibility of every viewpoint they want around the home.

Amazon Echo Show 10 has HD screen that automatically turns to face you

The screen tracks your movements and automatically moves to keep you framed.

TCL’s updated Project Archery wearable hides movie screen in a pair of glasses

New version should be lighter and more comfortable than its predecessors.

Google is working on smart tattoos that turn your skin into a touchpad

It is to make interacting with technology feel more natural.

CaseCrawler allows your phone to crawl to the charging pad

It is a lightweight and low-profile movable platform with a high payload capacity.

Japanese firm invents new, safer and 90% cheaper polymer batteries

The new type of battery is 90% cheaper than standard lithium-ion batteries and potentially much safer.

Samsung-backed SunnyFive develops smart window that simulates natural sunlight

It helps users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors.

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