Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Adidas and Google to launch GMR smart insoles for soccer tracking

Just when we think that the age of “smart” devices has nothing new to offer, a new fascinating innovation enters the market. We have gone from smart shoes that tie their laces automatically, to smart insoles in the shoes that record our exercises or movements.

Now, Google is close to announcing a new collaboration with Adidas and the video game company EASports to create a product for the Jacquard initiative, a kind of intelligent insoles that will be able to track our performance while we walk or do sports.

We are talking about Adidas GMR smart insoles with a built-in Google Jacquard sensor, which not only tracks your kicks, speed, controls the ball on the football field, but also transfers data about your skills to the FIFA Mobile mobile football simulator.

The installation is extremely simple since we only have to glue or fit a second-generation Jacquard label under the sports insole. This label seems to have some type of indicator when it is working, indicating that it is capable of sending information about what we do to our mobile phone, via Bluetooth.

It is assumed that your skills, including in real-life challenges, will help improve the performance of your virtual team in your game. This Adidas GMR insoles, in addition to recording our statistics, is also compatible with the FIFA Mobile game that is available for Android and iOS.

It seems that these smart insoles can be purchased separately, or will even come in a sales package with certain shoes that are about to be launched. The announcement of new items will reportedly take place on March 10.