DropLabs’ EP 01 audio enabled sneaker lets you feel the sound through feet

From a Los Angeles brand come the shoes that allow you to listen to music even through your feet.

Kirigami-inspired shoe grips could prevent falls in icy or slippery conditions

These snake skin-inspired grips increase the friction of footwear.

Adidas GMR, the smart insole to unlock the prizes in FIFA Mobile

The Adidas GMR insoles come with a Google Jacquard tag.

Adidas and Google to launch GMR smart insoles for soccer tracking

It will be able to track our performance while we walk or do sports.

Nike’s new Adapt BB 2.0 shoes tie their laces automatically

The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 will go on sale from February 16 for the price tag on $400.

Nike Space Hippie, the sneakers created using Nike’s own space junk

With its collection in recycled material, Nike is greening its image.

Reebok created eco-friendly sneakers from sustainably grown plants

The Forever Floatride GROW is made with Castor Beans, Algae, Eucalyptus Trees and Natural Rubber.

Kanye’s new Yeezy sneaker will be made from algae

The next sneaker in Kanye West's Yeezy line could be made from algae foam.

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