Monday, July 15, 2024

Zotefoams introduces new technology for recyclable barrier packaging

Yes, good packaging is crucial to the safety and quality of food, but it shouldn’t end there. This is why many packaging manufacturers and food industries are focusing on making their packaging recyclable or reusable.

Zotefoams, a UK-based polyolefin foams manufacturer, has announced a fully recyclable HDPE mono-material barrier packaging technology under the brand name ReZorce. According to the company, their new range of packaging meets or exceeds all food industry standards as an alternative to composite packaging.

It consists of a multi-layer HDPE (high-density polyethylene) film structure, which is 100% recyclable. The foamed layers are critical in providing moisture vapor transmission (MVT) and oxygen barrier properties. They also contribute to paper-like feel and fold characteristics, while the surface is compatible with all commonly-used printing methods.

Companies can use recycled HDPE in the product’s central layers with the internal surface by adding a thin layer of FDA-approved material to ensure food safety. ReZorce is suitable for a wide range of foodstuffs and beverages requiring oxygen and/or moisture barrier packaging.

With ReZorce,” Zotefoams Group CEO David Stirling explains, “we are introducing a range of barrier packaging made from foamed HDPE film that competes with existing composite materials, offers high-quality print finish and can incorporate recycled content, which is very appealing to the industry at this time.

Further, the foaming process is consistent with the HDPE float-sorting recycling process and is compatible with kerbside systems, which is very appealing to consumers, local authorities and recycling companies. I am proud of our team for being at the forefront of industry solutions.