Infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic packaging

It can be kept in circulation indefinitely without becoming waste and ending up in the ocean or in landfills.

Bioplastic based on fish waste and algae wins the James Dyson Award

Product design student Lucy Hughes has invented a bioplastic created from fish skin and scales and red algae.

Eliminating odors in recycled plastic materials with water vapor

This innovation reduces plastic waste in landfills and increase the quality of recycled domestic containers.

100% biodegradable pasta straws to help the planet

Made from wheat and water, Stroodles are the latest pasta-based and sustainable straw solution.

New Citicape House will annually capture eight tonnes of pollution

It will also produce six tonnes of oxygen, and lower the local temperature by three to five degrees Celsius.

Zotefoams introduces new technology for recyclable barrier packaging

A fully recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) mono-material barrier packaging technology.

This algae-based bioreactor absorbs as much CO2 as an acre of trees

This bioreactor is 400x more efficient than a tree at removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

New sensor system hidden in sewage canal helps to expose polluters

While most companies dispose of their wastewater properly, but some want to avoid the costs associated with it, so they quietly and secretly release...

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