Faerch introduces its 100% recyclable food packaging

Faerch, a Denmark-based packaging group that holds a leading position within rigid plastic packaging for the food industry, has launched a range of new packaging solutions for the protein applications. The new food packaging trays are made of 100% recycled material and can be fully recycled into new food grade trays without compromising on food safety or any other key measures.

The company launches its new MAPET®II Evolve, designed for packing in industrialized settings and the APET Evolve range, developed for in-store packaging. Both of these are suitable for packaging protein applications like fresh meat, poultry, fish, and plant-based alternatives.

Both of these categories have been developed as the next generation of Ferche’s MAPET®II and APET products, made with the same properties but only from recycled materials.

These new Faerch trays are made from the plastic bottles, and food trays are collected from municipal sites, cleaned, sorted, crushed into flakes and made into a fully recyclable polyester fiber. Also, no extra colors are added during recycling and production.

Moreover, you will see the variation in each tray, reflecting the specific blend of recycled content that it is made from. The unique look helps consumers to easily identify that they are making a sustainable choice in their food packaging.

Evolve by Faerch trays provide consumers with long-awaited guidance to easily choose food packaging that is made from recycled content. The unique look also reminds us that we should treat the tray as a valuable resource that we collect after use for recycling – again and again,” explains Lars Gade Hansen, CEO of Faerch Group.


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