Norwegian startup aims to build affordable homes using 100% recycled plastic

The company is working on producing homes from plastic waste to tackle the housing deficit in Africa.

Ocean Cleanup revealed its first sunglasses made from recovered plastic

Plastic that floated in the Pacific last year has been transformed into sunglasses.

SeaClear project aims to clean plastic debris from the seabed with robots

The project collects the mapped garbage on the seabed and discards it to collective bin.

NEC mass produces NeCycle, a highly-functional cellulose-based bioplastic

NeCycle biodegrades in about four years in natural environments, such as the ocean and soil.

Prototype device traps harmful microplastics from your tires while driving

Current device collects 60% of all airborne particles on the test rig.

PUMA presents new sportswear collection made from recycled plastic

It is a part of PUMA’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact and live up to its 'Forever Better' motto.

Super Bowl event replaces plastic with infinitely recyclable aluminum cups

Fans attending the Super Bowl will have the opportunity to take part in sustainability efforts around Hard Rock Stadium.

Luca concept electric car made from recycled plastic

With Luca, the manufacturer want to show that this waste can also be a valuable resource that can still be used.

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