Rocket Lab unveils plans for new reusable rocket with 8-ton payload

The advanced new rocket, Neutron, is tailored for mega-constellations deployment, interplanetary missions.

Relativity Space unveils new, fully reusable, 3D-printed rocket

The launch vehicle would be near the capabilities of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket.

Batteryloop to give new life to old Volvo Buses batteries

The commercial service lives of bus batteries are significantly extended and natural resources are conserved.

ESA moves forward with Prometheus, an ultra-low-cost reusable rocket engine

It is flexible enough to fit a fleet of new launch vehicles for any mission.

US Air Force launched X-37B spaceplane with its sixth secretive mission

The X-37B's sixth mission will host more experiments than any prior missions.

Soffio, an inflatable, reusable face shield that allows for safe convivial time

It allows you to spend convivial time with friends at restaurants and pubs.

Snorkeling masks turned into reusable face shields for healthcare workers

The team's goal is to bring 50,000 Pneumasks to front-line healthcare workers.

South Korea developed washable and reusable nano-fiber filtered mask

It maintains excellent filtering function even after being washed more than 20 times.

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