Plastic Bottle

Israeli invented a way to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean

Israeli invention is an ingeniously simple and effective recycling solution for plastic beverage bottles worldwide.

Roads paved with recycled plastic milk containers

This will solve South Africa's waste problems and improve the quality of the country's roads.

Los Angeles will soon build the road from recycled PET bottles

Plastic asphalt is 8 to 13 times stronger than conventional asphalt and can significantly reduce road maintenance costs.

Google’s Nest Mini smart speaker made of recycled plastic bottles

Google Nest Mini made from the fabric created using recycled plastic and has a handful of important updates, including twice-as-strong bass.

Carlsberg to create the world’s first “paper bottle” for beer

Carlsberg unveiled two prototypes of Green Fiber Bottle, the first beer bottles made of wood fibers that are 100% natural and recyclable.

Coca-Cola presents a coke bottle made using marine plastics waste

Coca-Cola is unveiling the first-ever sample bottle made using recovered and recycled marine plastics.

Turning plastic water bottles into affordable prosthetic limbs

Most currently available prosthetic limbs tend to be lacking in functionality or are unaffordable to many who need them. Alongside this need for prosthetic...

Evian’s newly launched shrinking jugs promise to cut plastic waste

Plastic bottles are not only an affliction on the environment, but they are bad for your health too. Keeping this into mind Evian unveiled its...

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