World’s first manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers was unveiled

The first-ever manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls and loops.

Flash Forest plans to plant 1 billion trees using drones by 2028

The company modifies drones to fire rapidly germinating tree seeds into the soil.

SQUID, a foldable multirotor that gets fired out of a cannon

SQUID is a quadrotor that could find applications in emergency response and planetary exploration.

Yuneec Typhoon H3 Multicopter equipped with Leica camera tech

The Typhoon H3 series drone aimed at both the needs of filming and high-quality photography.

A roofing octocopter with a nail gun for ‘autonomous roofing’

An octocopter capable of attaching asphalt shingles to roofs with a nail gun.

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