Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Skyfront multirotor drone sets a new world record for drone flight time

California-based drone manufacturer Skyfront has announced that its lightweight, powerful, and efficient Perimeter 8 gasoline-electric hybrid drone achieved the record-breaking world flight. The long-endurance drone stayed airborne for 13 hours and 4 minutes and traveled a distance of 205 miles (330 km).

The Skyfront Perimeter 8 is the company’s most advanced eight rotor drone designed to meet and exceed the capabilities of even the most advanced helicopters. The drone is powered by Skyfront’s proprietary fuel-injected hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain. The powertrain replaces the battery and dramatically extends flight times by a factor of twenty.

Without a payload, it can fly more than five hours at a time and carry up to 11 lb. (5 kg) payload for 2 hours. The Perimeter 8 has a range of 110 miles (177 km) and can be set up in only five minutes. The secret behind its long flight times is a proprietary fuel-injected G2K hybrid-electric power source that allows the drone to convert gasoline into electricity in flight.

Outfitted with an auxiliary fuel tank, the Perimeter 8 captured the sun traversing the sky, rising and setting over California’s Coastal Ranges,said Skyfront CEO Troy Mestler. “This flight signals a paradigm shift in aviation for public safety and commercial applications. No longer will police departments, fire departments, and utility companies have to spend huge sums of money on traditional helicopters to monitor, search, or rescue. Most importantly, no longer will we have to risk lives to save lives.

This unprecedented flight signals a new era in aviation: Skyfront’s drones can now fly longer than manned helicopters, replacing them for many dull, dirty, and dangerous missions, from search and rescue to police overwatch.

The official Guinness world record for a multicopter is held by South Korea’s Metavista Inc, whose hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered quadcopter flew for 12 hours, 7 minutes, and 5 seconds.