Israeli invented a way to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean

Israeli invention is an ingeniously simple and effective recycling solution for plastic beverage bottles worldwide.

Bioplastic based on fish waste and algae wins the James Dyson Award

Product design student Lucy Hughes has invented a bioplastic created from fish skin and scales and red algae.

Re:newcell found a way to turn used clothes into new recyclable garments

Turning used cotton and viscose into new biodegradable pulp, which in turn can be made into new garments.

Eliminating odors in recycled plastic materials with water vapor

This innovation reduces plastic waste in landfills and increase the quality of recycled domestic containers.

100% biodegradable pasta straws to help the planet

Made from wheat and water, Stroodles are the latest pasta-based and sustainable straw solution.

AI can identify up to 200 species of birds from just a photo

A machine learning algorithm that can determine the type of bird by simply looking at its photo.

Sustainable luggage made from recycled and regenerated material

The carry-on suitcase made from recycled and regenerated materials like fishing nets, unused carpets, recycled plastics, rubber, and aluminum.

This solar-powered “Interceptor” to clean the plastic waste in rivers

The Ocean Cleanup ‘interceptor’, a solar-powered floating device designed to scoop plastic out of rivers before it reaches oceans.

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