Electric moped

Xiaomi presents 70mai A1 and A1 Pro, new low-cost electric scooters

The electric mopeds are only enough for one person, but the shape is quite cute.

Segway-Ninebot adds new eMopeds and eScooters in its catalog

The new smart electric vehicles optimize the short-travel travel experience with intelligence features.

The Gateway electric moped with up to 120 km of autonomy

The Gateway and Gateway Booster are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and FUN to ride.

UBCO introduced its new generation of both-wheel-drive electric bikes

Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise. The UBCO's new ebike linup will redefine how you ride, work and play, both on- and off- road.

Single-seater Scoot Moped designed for short rides around the city

Scoot Moped makes it easy to climb hills, cruise streets, and see the city in a whole new way.

Brekr Model B, a smart electric two-wheeler with two removable batteries

A small two-wheeler urban electric and two-seater looking like a moped with batteries that allow a range of 160 kilometers.

Retro-styled electric moped with today’s modern technology

While other moped and scooter companies are striving to make all their models look like Tron light cycles, there are many other companies that...

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