Electric bicycle

Emergency Bikes, an eBike designed to help emergency responders move faster

A custom-built vehicle to make it easier for doctors to get around town.

Biktrix launches an all-terrain, dual-battery e-bike with a 320-km range

The ebike lineup should be suitable particularly for long distances.

Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 line of electric bikes are on sale

Serial 1 eBicycles combine the freedom and adventure of a bicycle with the effortless joy of electric power.

Harley-Davidson presents its first electric bike called Serial 1

Serial 1’s eBicycles will allow anyone to ride farther, faster, and with less effort.

Hubless Reevo e-bike amazes with its avant-garde aesthetic

Futuristic but real, this hubless e-bike provides wheel storage and a triple barrier anti-theft system.

Vekkit e-bike conversion kit convert a regular bike into an e-bike

Installation takes just over 5 minutes for most bike types.

Greg LeMond launches two lightweight pedal-assist bicycles

These carbon-fiber e-bikes weigh only 12.3 kilograms, which is pretty light for an e-bike.

Brake-mounted Bimotal Elevate turns mountain bikes into electric bicycles

The Elevate adds 750W via your disc brake mount to your regular mountain bike.

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