Computing Chip

Intel Horse Ridge quantum computing chip can handle up to 128 qubit

With this new chip, researchers can demonstrate the practical application of quantum computing.

Qualcomm introduces three new midrange Snapdragon chips for non-5G phones

Despite the 5G push, Qualcomm does not abandon the previous generation of mobile network.

AMD Ryzen 4000 could be 17% more faster than the Ryzen 3000

Future processors on the architecture of Zen 3 will receive a good increase in the operation.

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin, a software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles

It promises a calculation speed of 200 TOPS, almost 7 times more than its previous chip, called Xavier.

Intel Horse Ridge may make Quantum Computers commercially viable

The new cryogenic control chip will speed up development of full-stack quantum computing systems.

Cerebras CS-1: a 400,000-core computer that replaces thousands of GPUs for AI

It is the world’s fastest deep learning computer system, which is only 26-inches (15 rack units) tall.

Intel presents two new Nervana processors for AI and cloud computing

Intel’s first purpose-built ASICs for complex deep learning with scale and efficiency for cloud and data center customers.

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