Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon X series chips for next-gen PCs

Qualcomm Technologies has been pushing the boundaries of innovation in powering consumer and commercial PC experiences since the introduction of the Snapdragon 8cx compute platform. Now, Qualcomm has introduced an all-new naming architecture for its next-generation of intelligent PC platforms – the Snapdragon X Series.

This new platform is based on the Oryon CPU technology, which Qualcomm acquired in 2021 through its acquisition of Nuvia. Nuvia is a company founded by former Apple engineers who had previously worked on Apple’s A-series iPhone and iPad chips. The Snapdragon X compute platforms will deliver next-level performance, AI capabilities, connectivity, and battery life.

Balancing performance and battery life is a tricky task for thin and light PC laptops, which requires some compromises. Qualcomm’s platform offers anything close to the performance and battery life of Apple’s M-series chips. Another similarity between Snapdragon X chips and M-series chips is the presence of a neural processing unit (NPU) designed for on-device AI processing in small form factor devices.

“Harnessing our next-generation custom Qualcomm Oryon CPU, a quantum leap forward in performance and power efficiency will anchor Snapdragon X and – when combined with our NPU – will deliver accelerated on-device user experiences for the new era of generative AI,” Senior VP Don McGuire said in the press release.

Additionally, just like the Snapdragon 8cx platform, the new platform will also support 5G connectivity – something that Apple has yet to offer with any of its M-series devices, except for the iPads that use its laptop- and- desktop-class chips.