Autonomous vehicle

ANA begins testing airport-only self-driving electric bus at Haneda airport

ANA illustrates the commitment to the environment by using eco-friendly electric buses to reduce carbon emission.

Cruise Origin, a self-driving shuttle van without steering wheel or pedals

It is fully electric self-driving, intended to be a shareable, modular vehicle.

WHOI’s underwater robot takes automated samples from the seabed

For the first time, it is possible to take samples of the seabed using a vehicle without a pilot.

NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin, a software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles

It promises a calculation speed of 200 TOPS, almost 7 times more than its previous chip, called Xavier.

Volkswagen to launch autonomous electric shuttles in Qatar by 2022

The objective is to improve Doha's transport infrastructure in Qatar.

BigRep LOCI, an electric podcar almost entirely made with a 3D printer

BigRep's 3D printed LOCI is specifically designed as a last mile transportation solution in urban environments.

Tesla would soon have a million-mile battery

Tesla to create a battery that will be able to power its electric cars and long-haul trucks for more than 1 million miles over the course of their lifespan.

Uber to test its self-driving cars in Dallas

Uber has unveiled plans to map Dallas streets and lay the groundwork for self-driving technology in the city.

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