Friday, February 23, 2024

FireFly’s turf mower operates autonomously without on-site supervision

FireFly Automatix, a manufacturer of autonomous, hybrid, and electric equipment for the turfgrass field, will release its M100-AV turf mower. It is FireFly’s first all electric vehicle (EV), which promises environmental benefits and energy savings.

The M100-AV can operate autonomously without on-site supervision and includes LiDAR-enabled obstacle detection and avoidance for safety. This turf mower cuts a 100-inch width and provides intelligent path planning.

An advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery powers the M100-AV turf mower and can quietly mow up to 25 acres per charge at speeds of 7 acres per hour. It can be quickly recharged within two hours.

The FireFly M100-AV is integrated with a number of valuable features. One of them is SyncLift, a position-based lift technology that reduces the need for clean-up passes. RoloRocker, the cutting unit design, achieves a more stable ride from the field, enables higher speeds, and gives a better appearance after cutting.

Four independent electric drive motors are synchronized with two separate steering motors to achieve low-impact traction, and these drive motors are engineered for 100,000+ hour life and low maintenance. The autonomous turf mower is designed to reduce maintenance costs by 65% and extend machine life by 76%.

Mark LeBlanc, the project’s head engineer, said, “It has been incredible engineering this product from the ground up with such a talented and passionate team. The culture here at FireFly allowed our engineering team to dream big and achieve a level of excellence that will bring electric and autonomous technology to the mowing world in an incredible way.”

The FireFly M100-AV provides data and connectivity for increased productivity, fuel and labor savings, and agricultural and turf management.

The autonomous turf mower is ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and municipalities.

FireFly is accepting pre-orders, and M100-AV is launching at the end of July.