Saturday, December 9, 2023

CV Pro, an AI kit to build your own self-driving car

USA-based educational company Robotix has unveiled CV Pro, an affordable plug-and-play robot featuring open-source technology for experiencing and learning AI and the potential of autonomous vehicle technology.

CV Pro features an AI kit for users to explore their solutions for self-driving cars and learn the operational techniques of advanced computer vision technologies used in driverless autonomous vehicles.

The Robotix CV Pro features an AI-driven autonomous vehicle that can be made easily in three minutes. It is powered by computer vision technology to learn and explore solutions for platooning and self-driving cars.

Robotics CV Pro has computer vision, amazing computing capabilities, an extensive sensor suite, a powerful microcontroller, four individually controlled motors, one ultrasonic and two infrared sensors, a Li-ion rechargeable battery, a phone mount, and a modular platform.

With the CV Pro, it is easy to explore the operational techniques of advanced technologies used in real-time self-driving vehicles, such as vehicle or person-following, slowing down for curbs, stopping at traffic lights and stop signs, platooning – follow vehicles ensuring they stay in lane and lane-changing, prevent many types of collisions with objects, yield for crossing, identify and go around obstacles, and emergency braking.

CV Pro enables users to explore the complexities of advanced AI technologies such as machine learning, applied deep learning, and neural networks.

Users can customize CV Pro with their ideas by coding using Python, Android Studio, Flutter, OpenCV, TensorFlow, TF Lite, etc., to explore the operational techniques of driverless vehicles.

CV Pro is ideal for high school and college students, for Robotics competitions, for WRO Future Engineers competition, developers, AI enthusiasts, robotics hobbyists, industry technologists, educators and hardware engineers, and software developers seeking an edge in the fast-paced world of AI-powered driverless vehicle technologies.

Robotix CV Pro can be connected with the CV Pro app, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

“CV Pro is the best AI training kit to explore autonomous vehicle technology,” said Ramana Prasad, chairman and co-founder of Robotix. “CV Pro gives you the power to discover your own solutions, enabling new paradigms and providing real-world applications to global challenges such as making transportation safer, cleaner, and more efficient. Our goal at Robotix has always been to inspire the next generation of young minds to change the world.”

Prasad added, “When it comes to the business trends and markets in the world of artificial intelligence, everything is changing quite rapidly. AI technologies are evolving and advancing, replacing old technologies and making them redundant. Our products and technology fit into the world of technological advancements because we are up-to-date with the novel trends and technologies.”

“As autonomous driving technology advances, new transportation use cases will emerge covering a wide variety of sectors such as robo-taxis, farming vehicles, mining vehicles, security vehicles, drones, aquatic robots, water cars, logistics and warehousing vehicles, autonomous work vehicles, autonomous trains, autonomous trucks, and industrial vehicles. Given the potential utility of applications, automated vehicles comprise a clear growth market. The possibilities are infinite,” Prasad said.

Prasad explained. “The robotics and STEM kits allow children to have hands-on experience with electronics and robotics. Science is made entertaining with a variety of kits that encourage youngsters to learn through play and experience world-class solutions to learn AI, coding, robotics, and app development. STEM field is growing rapidly, and it will be crucial for our kids to be equipped with the right skills to be prepared for the future job market.”

Robotix CV Pro comes in three variants: the CV Pro AI kit, the Mecanum Edition, and the CV Pro competitional kit. Also, it comes in three packs, including the Self-driving car pack, AV + Platooning Pack of 2, and Classroom Pack of 3. The CV Pro’s discounted price starts at $89 on Kickstarter.