Sustainable luggage made from recycled and regenerated material

Do you like traveling? Going to a dream place is fun! But you know that traveling, especially air travel, actually has an impact on the environment. Any form of transportation that uses fossil fuels contributes to climate change, planes especially, as they release their greenhouse gases directly into the higher regions of the atmosphere. Because of this condition, travel companies need to be more serious in inviting consumers to travel responsibly to the environment.

To reduce such an environmental impact, a London-based startup has released a collection of eco-friendly luggage. PHOENX is a sustainable suitcase made from recycled materials and other materials that can be processed again. This product uses used fishing nets, unused carpets, recycled plastics, rubber, and aluminum, making it a durable quality product, which means the bag supports an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The PHONEX carry-on suitcase has an outer shell made from 100% recycled polycarbonate; a wide telescopic handle made using 30% recycled aluminum. The interior is crafted from waste nylon, such as fishing nets and scraps of fabric/carpet that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Besides the wheels, zippers, and lock has a plastic coating.

It also comes with a vacuum-sealed laundry bag and an ultra-thin removable backpack.
It also comes with a vacuum-sealed laundry bag and an ultra-thin removable backpack.

The 42-liter luggage is lightweight, and there is also a vacuum-sealed laundry bag and an ultra-thin removable backpack. There is a special section of dirty clothes, so as not to be mixed with clean clothes.

Some parts of the suitcase can be removed and replaced if there is damage. This means that parts can be replaced if there is damage without the need to replace the suitcase with a new one. Even so, the company still provides a 5-year product warranty ranging from luggage wheels, waterproof coating, zippers, and aluminum handles.

The aim of PHONEX is simple and valuable at the same time: enacting sustainable business while inspiring travelers to care about the environment while staying stylish.

Currently, it is not available to buy; the company is generating buzz on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.


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