Smart suitcase could help visually-impaired people to travel safely

They will also be notified if there are coffee shops or other facilities located nearby.

Plevo Smart Luggage comes with game-changing additional features

This smart suitcase could be the last piece of luggage that you have to buy in your life.

Sustainable luggage made from recycled and regenerated material

The carry-on suitcase made from recycled and regenerated materials like fishing nets, unused carpets, recycled plastics, rubber, and aluminum.

Looper NICK: An innovative backpack for short trips

We all love traveling and short trips. But always face some problems while packing. The inventors at IDIO Creative Works have designed and developed a...

SkyValet: An innovative smart luggage

We always have many problems with our travel bags. We need to carry our separate chargers for charging the electronic gadgets that we carry...

STANLEY’s 3-in-1 solution to haul bulky objects in car

When you want to transport your bike or something bulky in your car several problems arrive. It may damage your car decor or create...

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