Miizer Hub: Best Type-C Wireless charging hub for MacBook and more

The new iPad Pro is a mind-blowing piece of hardware, it has a lot of ground-breaking features. But we all face the same problem that we need multiple dongles to take advantage of many of them. Also, buying all these dongles from the Apple store can be expensive, and not to mention it is a hassle to carry so many things.

Meet “Miizer Hub”, the world’s best wireless charging Type-C hub for the new iPad Pro and more! It unlocks the unlimited possibilities of MacBook Pro and other Type-C devices.

Miizer: Wireless Charging Hub For MacBook & More
Miizer Hub: Wireless Charging Hub For MacBook & More

It comes with the ports for HDMI, two Type-Cs and two USB-A, along with MicroSD, Ethernet, and 3.5mm headphone jack, which will allow your iPad Pro to connect to anything you can think of.

Mobility, productivity, and practicality are crucial elements for those who are successful. Miizer Hub not only works with new iPad Pro but also work with your Android smartphones. It makes it easy to connect your Android devices to the monitors, which immediately turns your phone into a full-on work machine.

Ultimate Connectivity
Ultimate Connectivity

The Miizer Hub works with all your devices that features Type-C ports, including new MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Go, etc., or anything else.

Now, you do not need to connect the variety of dongles anymore which looks very messy and hectic to operate. You can get everything done with a single dongle! Miizer Hub provides all the ports you need and more. At the same time, you can maintain the clean look of your device as it is.

What’s more?

Yes, Miizer Hub has packed with even more features! It comes with the wireless charging functionality for your new iPhone and Apple Watch. This is the ultimate dongle that can do everything.

Wireless charging
Wireless charging

Don’t worry if you have a smartphone that charges via Micro-USB! It comes with a magnetic port for interchangeable charging heads for other phones. This enables you to plugin a Micro-USB port, or an iPhone Lightning port, or a USB-C port. Regardless of what type of charging solution your device needs, when it comes to charging a phone it can provide a solution.

Also, the actually removable charging pad allows you to use a thin, small charging pad on your desk. Just remove the pad when you want a slim device.

Hubs that connect directly to the MacBook Pro or iPad Pro without a cable can sometimes cause damage to the port if snapped off with force. But Miizer Hub comes with a cable with more flexibility, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping off and destroying your Type-C port.


Type-C 2; PD Charging
HDMI 1; 4K*30Hz
Ethernet 1; 1G
Magnetic Charging port 1; output 5V 2A
Wireless charging Support 5W, 7.5W, 10W
Weight 4.93 Ounces (140g)


It is a tremendously featured, super portable, lightweight, beautifully designed, true multi-tool that you need to have.

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