An ultralight NB10000 power bank with 10,000mAh capacity

This ultra lightweight power bank is specially designed for Trail Runners.

VW’s mobile charging robot recharges electric cars autonomously

A self-driving robot brings the energy storage device to the electric vehicle and connects them autonomously.

Electrify America is offering its first-ever EV chargers for home

The company's new $499 Level 2 charger will juice up any EV far quicker than a standard outlet.

OtterSpot, a portable and stackable wireless charging system

With an increasing number of wireless charging devices, more and more portable wireless chargers are also coming into the market. Now, OtterBox is also...

Luna Smart Lamp combines Alexa voice services and Qi wireless charging

Imagine your lamp, your speaker and your charger merged into one device allowing you to save money and space while providing a classic and...

Miizer Hub: Best Type-C Wireless charging hub for MacBook and more

The new iPad Pro is a mind-blowing piece of hardware, it has a lot of ground-breaking features. But we all face the same problem...

Indians teens invented a device that helps you charge your phone by walking

Keeping your phone's battery alive is a constant battle. Also, the addiction to a smartphone doesn't allow you to go exercise and stay fit....

DuelFuel: A super compact power bank plus lighter

Risolve company has created a superbly compact power bank and flame-less lighter called DuelFuel. It is the most versatile tremendously portable charger. This portable power...

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