Sunday, July 14, 2024

LMX 64H, the e-bike as powerful as a 50cc and can reach 45 km/h

We’ve seen most of the ambitious electric bike models this year. Meanwhile, a French electric bicycle and motorcycle company LMX has introduced a homologated version of its LMX 64 called the LMX 64H. The new model can be used both as an electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle.

It has the look of a classic bicycle and a complete traditional gearbox, but at the same time it has a 2.5 kW electric motor, so it could be compared to a motorcycle in every way.

LMX 64H mountain bikes
LMX 64H mountain bikes

Bringing the two structures together and in the form of mountain bikes, the vehicle uses two parallel transfer organs. The LMX 64H can be used as a motorcycle with a throttle handle as well as being pedal-assisted.

This light off-road electric motorcycle allows you to climb higher and easier than with a classic EMTB, with less effort for extended ride duration and distance. Besides, the pedaling torque sensor and the 3 assist modes make it possible to adapt your effort according to the terrain.

Thanks to its engine and its lightness, it has a torque of 200 Nm (147 lb-ft) at the rear wheel. The engine of the new LMX 64H can easily reach 45 km/h (like the new Trek e-bikes), without effort or even without pedaling at all. It features dual chains and freewheel dedicated, which allows transmitting the power with reliability.

It has a removable 52 V and 857 Wh battery system and even has a special lighting system and license plate. Made with high strength aluminum frame, the bike/motorcycle hybrid weighs only 28 kg (62 lb). With the 50cc equivalent homologation, the LMX can also be used as a moped, which you can take everywhere. In addition, registration is free in most EU countries!