Kyocera launched Enerezza, the world’s first SemiSolid Li-ion battery system

Kyocera and 24M semi-solid lithium batteries with record energy density go on sale.

Bentley’s first battery-powered car is not expected to arrive until 2025

Bentley hints solid state batteries will define the design of electric cars of the future.

Advano’s silicon solution can increase the Li-ion battery capacity by ten times

Advano uses conventional manufacturing techniques to mass-produce silicon nanoparticles.

IBM develops a heavy metal-free battery using seawater materials

It could be a big step forward to address environmental concerns compared to current designs.

GM and LG Chem to build a new electric car battery plant in Ohio

The partnership aims to mass-produce battery cells for future battery electric vehicles.

Panasonic BMIC tech measures electrochemical impedance on multi-cell stacked batteries

This technology contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by helping facilitate reuse and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Lightweight lithium-sulfur batteries double the range of electric aircraft

An innovative Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) battery offers a two-fold reduction in battery system weight resulting in a significant increase in flight duration.

An electric car battery that takes you 1,500 miles without recharging

An inexpensive lightweight aluminum-air battery, nine times more capacious than lithium-ion, and easier to recycle.

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